Jodi Stanley Therapy

I specialize in guiding couples, families, and individuals in building a greater sense of fulfillment, connectedness, and satisfaction to thrive in their daily lives. I believe that a positive sense of self is closely related to the health of our most important relationships. As a marriage and family therapist, it is my honor to join couples, families, and individuals in their unique journeys of transformation as we work to expand inner growth and restore relational bonds.

My Approach

I offer Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), both short-term, highly effective attachment-based approaches. I have consistently experienced success with these techniques in helping clients to achieve emotional healing, transformation, and to break free from negative interaction patterns. Clients are also guided to create secure attachment bonds, increase awareness, improve communication of needs, and to overall live a life of greater meaning and success.

I can appreciate that reaching out for help is not easy. It is my priority to establish a comfortable, relaxed environment for you to be able to tell your story. I strive to create a respectful and collaborative therapeutic relationship to empower you as the expert of your own lived experiences. Together, we will work to implement strategies that fit your personal needs.

Overcoming life’s challenges can be difficult and overwhelming, but there is hope and you are not alone. I am committed to helping you to live a life you love and deserve. Are you ready to take an intentional step towards the best version of you? Call me today!

Introduction to Services

Couples Therapy

If you are looking for a greater sense of security and the confidence to know that you can depend on your loved one for love, support, and understanding, you are in the right place. Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples has been empirically validated as the most successful approach to reestablishing stronger, more secure relationships. Let’s take your relationship to a deeper, more intimate level.

Individual Therapy

Clarity, balance, and personal growth are only a few of the many benefits achieved through individual therapy. By taking this liberating step towards improved quality of life, you can experience enhanced self-awareness, heal trauma and emotional wounds, conquer your fears, develop greater self-compassion, and create lasting happiness and wellbeing.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy can help you to heal, enrich, and revitalize your relationships with the people you love most. Parents and their children can learn how to communicate needs effectively, resolve family conflicts, engage cooperation, and develop healthy limits to achieve a sense of relief and renewed connection. Therapy can give your family what it needs to thrive.

“Dr. Jodi Stanley is an excellent therapist who has expertise and extended training as a specialist in working with couples and families. Her training as an EFT therapist sets her apart from other therapists in the field. This certification takes extended schooling, training, and clinical practice, allowing her to offer a specialized service to her clients and distinguishing her as a top therapist in the county. While Dr. Stanley’s research and training background is stellar, Dr. Stanley is also a clinical expert. She excels with her natural gift and strength as a warm and wise clinician, having a calm presence, and a gift in connecting with each one of her clients. She as an empathic nature that truly makes her clients feel more at ease with the therapeutic process.”

Dr. Erin Grimes

“Jodi is an amazing therapist! As a former colleague, I can attest to her warmth, compassion and clinical expertise. Jodi is incredibly skilled in couples and family counseling. Her advanced training in EFT allows her to help heal and repair relationship conflicts. With her intuition and caring therapeutic style, Jodi creates an environment where all can feel safe and valued. She is a perfect choice for those looking for support, guidance, and change.”

Lauren Morton

Dr. Jodi Stanley is a beautifully warm, engaging and dedicated professional. I have known her for over 10 years and she is extremely knowledgeable, sincere, and respectful to her clients.

Lisa D.

Dr. Jodi Stanley is not only a well-informed, thoughtful therapist, but also a wonderful person. Her genuine kindness and gentle but effective coaching have a positive impact on everyone she meets. I would highly encourage anyone seeking guidance in life to speak to Jodi and benefit from her keen listening and strong insight.

Elizabeth R.

Dr. Stanley is extremely dedicated to her practice. Her energy and passionate approach towards her clients makes her a very desirable therapist. It is always difficult committing to therapy and a therapist but you will be in great hands with Jodi.

Arthur G.